Elly (Clara Cupcakes)

Elly – Clara Cupcakes

Elly Squire has been performing burlesque since 2007 when friend and fellow lindy hopper Melanie Bruyer aka Adora Derriére founded Sugar Blue Burlesque in Perth, Western Australia. After deciding she needed a gimmick to stand out from the crowd, Elly taught herself to hula hoop and fan juggle from watching clips on YouTube. She drew inspiration from the vaudeville acts of the 1920s and the jazz music she knew and loved. Combining authentic jazz dance, circus and old fashioned sensibilities, she derived her own unique and quirky style of burlesque, Elly has become a prominent artist in the Australian Burlesque community and an active historian of 1920s era burlesque.

Under the moniker Clara Cupcakes, she has performed in 100+ shows with Sugar Blue, taught countless students the art of hula hooping and burlesque, won both national and international titles and starred in various burlesque festivals around the world, including the prestigious New York Burlesque Festival.

Previously a principal performer and the artistic director of Sugar Blue Burlesque, Elly is now based in Melbourne as a solo artist.