by buburlesque on December 1st, 2016


Oh my we are so excited to introduce ALL of our wonderful new courses & casual classes in January!  Feast your eyes on these!


BURLYROCK with Ferri Maya

With hot rock’n’roll routines, attitude and red lipstick this brand new course is suitable for beginners to advanced dancers. Unleash your rock’n’roll showgirl while building your dance confidence and strengthening technique with Burlyrock this summer!

With over 20 years of experience, Ferri Maya the Goddess of Rock ’n’ Roll Burlesque, has performed far and wide. She is educated across ALL areas of Dance and has performed  internationally for rock royalty and Royalty alike.

All levels welcome!



Do you want to refine your movement, move like liquid and flow around the pole? This is the class for you. Concentrating on grounded movement, spins and developing your technique to give you the tools to create beautiful fluid movement.

This class is highly recommended and suitable for students Beginners 2 and above.

Precursor class for new Lyrical Pole classes in Term 1.



Learn dynamic movement to make make your choreography pop! This new course teaches beginner level acrobatic sequences inspired by capoeira, breaking and acrobatic tumbling on our comfortable acromat!  A must for dancers looking for something different to add to their floor choreography.

Suitable for ALL levels & non-pole students


EXOTIC FLOOR with Amanda

Slinky, sexy, wavy exotic floor tricks and transitions with a focus on choreography for each class.  Work on your flexibility and stamina the sexy way in the summer term!

Suitable for ALL levels & non-pole students. 


BASE-FLOW with Ally

New to Bottoms up! is Base-Flow, a choreography class all about transitions around the base of the pole and the floor. Sometimes sexy, sometimes contemporary but always a great workout and heaps of fun! Each class will consist of the breakdown of a transition followed with choreography based around it.

Suitable for Beginners 2 students and above.



We’re very excited to bring this new course to you for the Summer Dance Term! Russian Exotic Flow involves body and leg waves, dynamic spins, lifts, presses and holds. Bring your knee pads, leggings or leg warmers and your highest heels. Inspired by the style of Eva Bembo, Daria Che and Olga Koda.

Suitable for students Intermediate 2 and above. 



Introducing Mystery Dance! This is an awesome one-hour casual class.  What type of dance you ask? It could be anything, anything at all! Pole, Lyrical, Floorwork, Heels, Sexy, Movement, Chair… The only catch is… You wont know until you turn up for class! We’ll post hints during the week but even your teacher will be kept secret until you walk through the doors.

Casual class suitable for ALL levels, all styles











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