Beginner Burlesque Classes at Bottoms Up! BrunswickFAQ’s

It’s normal to have questions before signing up to anything new! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the fitness benefits of pole & burlesque dancing?

Like all types of dancing, pole and burlesque gives you a cardiovascular workout, which raises your heart rate and burns fat. What you also get from pole dancing is improved muscle definition and toning all over especially in problematic areas for us ladies, such as arms, abs, thighs and bum. Burlesque not only includes movement it also includes stagecraft & acting skills. Dancing in all forms also improves your balance, your stability and your posture, along with confidence, body awareness &  empowerment.

Who will be there?

It is natural to feel nervous in your first class but it is surprising how quickly you’ll relax and dishevel your inhibitions and release your inner goddess. When you arrive you will be introduced to the other ladies in your class. There is a maximum of students in each class so you get the attention that is required when learning a new art form. Women of all ages & all walks of life attend our classes. There are a number of reasons women enjoy learning pole or burlesque dancing. Everyone does it for the enjoyment some also do it to feel sexy and empowered, others for a great workout. The classes are great fun, and you are learning a skillful art whilst exercising your body in the most feminine way. Many women these days have swapped their gym memberships for regular workouts in our studio.

Do I need to be fit or athletic to try pole dancing?

Bottoms Up! pole courses have been developed for women of all fitness levels and abilities. Every woman is in the same boat on day one, as you will discover new muscles in your bodies that have lain dormant until now! Each class will help you develop the fitness and skills to go onto the next level. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your upper body strength increases.

Are there any risks involved?

As with any form of activity there is some risk involved. But the greatest risk of all is you having too much fun!! You will probably find some bruises after class, and perhaps the occasional pole burn. These fade quickly and become less frequent as your strength and skill develop.

How are the classes structured?

All Bottoms Up! classes begin with a warm-up designed to strengthen, loosen & prepare your bodies. After warming up the pole or burlesque class begins. All classes end with a warm-down designed to increase flexibility and stretch out your bodies.

What should I wear?

Click here for all the information on what you should wear.

What is Burlesque?

Burlesque first showed its bottom with the “tease” in an ancient Greek play by Aristophanes called Lysistrata – a comedy where the women characters in the play used their sexuality and sensual wiles to convince their husbands to stop the war through sexual blackmail and tease. Burlesque was then seen performed by many Vaudevillians and confronting performers in the 1840s as a political satire and commentary of the social classes.

A typical Burlesque night included 3 or 4 acts of comedy, dance, mime, singing & striptease, with a grand finale. Burlesque then made its way to the shores of the US in early 1900s where the tease (and titties) had major influence. Over the next four decades many burlesque venues were opened up where great performers such as Gypsy Lee Rose and Zorita took to the stage.

Nowadays Burlesque can be clearly defined in two categories – the European political satire, involving taboo topics and risqué performances, and the other being the American pin-up girl style of the saucy tease. At Bottoms Up! we combine both genres.

Burlesque has since evolved dramatically and new burlesque, or neo-burlesque, tends to try to shock the audience and takes on many forms. It includes acts based on the earlier conventions of strip tease, cabaret, comedy and elaborate costumes but brings the original foundations of political satire to the relevant issues of day.

So all in all, Burlesque is a risqué performance style that rails against conventional structures and ideals, satirical with a saucy edge.


What are the origins of pole dancing?

There is much debate re the origins of pole dancing. While it is a relatively new happening its history can be traced back to ancient Sumerian times, with the myth of the goddess Innana. It comes from the ancient art of strip tease but has developed for our modern times. Pole dancing seems to have had its roots in Canada in the 80’s and has spread across the world. It combines sensual movements with acrobatic acts requiring strength and agility finished with the grace of dancer and the performance of an entertainer.

It has evolved from a show in a strip club to an art form now performed in many environments from theatre, cabaret, burlesque, circus to corporate shows. In this time competitions are run across the world, showcasing the art and skill as standalone. Some perceive it as being a sport and are attempting to have it recognised as an Olympic event.

So now it has been taken away from a taboo subject and brought into mainstream society. For whatever reasons women are choosing to pole dance, it may be purely for fitness, it may be the art, it may be the grace, but it is truly the exotic and beautiful form of self expression and sense of empowerment and confidence that is taking women of all walks of life across the world from the gym to the pole studio!