Fly Gym


Fly Gym is an exciting new form of suspension fitness from America and is now available in Melbourne!

Fly Gym features all the best aspects of aerial hammock skills as this system was originally based on yoga swings. With further development Fly Gym was able to create a product and fitness technique with wide spread application. These include: aerial yoga, Pilates, conditioning for Pole dancing/aerials skills and even restorative/rehab.

When combined with the pole it provides a support system to safely learn new tricks and access to pole specific conditioning training.

The Fly Gym system allows you to build functional strength for pole and aerial whilst helping to reduce injury risk with it’s restorative application.

Fly Gym has it all and is only limited by your creativity!




FLY GYM with Amanda

Stretching and strength training, let’s face it, can often be boring and is sometimes neglected from a training schedule. This combined strength and flexibility class uses Fly Gym techniques for effective training with flexibility, general strength and trick specific activities. Utilising both the resistance of the fabric and gravity it allows you to strengthen while you lengthen, giving stability AND flexibility like nothing else can. We will also be working in inverted positions and through different dimensions as this is a requirement for all pole, trapeze, lyra, silks and hammock artists.

This class is open to all levels.

Bookings essential, 5 person limit per class.