Burlesque Fan Dance

The legendary Sally Rand

Burlesque FAN DANCE – Level 1 (BEGINNERS)

Free as a bird! Ladies of Melbourne be introduced to the beauty and femininity of the feathered fan dance made famous by the legendary Sally Rand. Fan dancing is one of the most eye-catching, intoxicating and alluring features of burlesque combining elegant moves, sensual flow and graceful poise.

During the 8-week course you will learn fancy foot-work, wrist and figure 8 techniques along with how to use your facial expressions to create a captivating routine. You will also be introduced to the the essential feature of fan dancing – ‘conceal and reveal.’

This course is FANtastic for anyone wanting to enhance their femininity or add to their current burlesque repertoire – brilliant for current students to take on a second course to compliment their Bottoms Up program.

Fans provided.

All levels welcome!



Following on from Fan Dance 1, be prepared for further exposure! Learn more elaborate moves and fancy footwork to be choreographed into a dynamic and devious dance. Expand on facial expressions through mask techniques, and increase flexibility and core strength through floor work and back arches while continuing to explore the beauty of fan dancing!

*Must have completed Fan Dance 1 or have a sound knowledge and experience of dance and burlesque.

Classes are strictly limited to 12 students.