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Every event is better with live entertainment! If you are looking to hire a Burlesque Artist or Pole Dance act then we will provide the perfect performer for your memorable Melbourne event.

At Bottoms Up! we offer a variety of vibrant, entertaining and fiercely fun performers that will spice up any party! Whether you are after a short five minute act or a full two hour show, we have you covered!

Bottoms Up! performers are trained industry professionals, each with a minimum three year performance history, some having over 20 years and many holding prestigious awards in their field. With a huge range of talent and styles, there is something for all occasions. Offering sophisticated elegant classic burlesque tease, show stopping pole dance routines, feathered fan dancing, hula-hoop, Mistress of Ceremonies, fire, booty, angle grinding, comical burlesque and unique, edgy (neo) burlesque acts which are guaranteed to get the crowd cheering!

Bottoms Up! can accommodate for everything from intimate private parties, to large scale public events. Burlesque and Pole Performers are a fantastic idea for birthday parties, hens and bucks nights, corporate events, fundraisers, community days or whatever the occasion may be.

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Willow J

Fan Dance, Classic Tease, Comical and Cutting Edg Burlesque.

Willow J entered the world of burlesque in 2002 as a core member of the notorious neo-burlesque troupe Voodoo Trash Dolls. She has since made her mark internationally as a solo artist performing in prestigious events including The London Burlesque Festival, The Australian Burlesque Festival and Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas. Willow is a trained actor and has studied many forms of dance and movement, including Bouffont with acclaimed master Phillippe Gaulier (Paris). Her original and provocative self-devised pieces draw from cross-disciplined art forms including acting, tango, bouffant, butoh, and performance art. With a Green Room Award under her bust (for DasShoku! Shake – 2013), Willow J’s unique acts range from Classical slow seductive fan dancing and tasteful strip tease to high energy contemporary, cutting edge acts – a true Mover, Shaker and Innovator guaranteed to tease and please!  More on Willow J


Clara Cupcakes

Vaudeville, Fan Dance, Charleston, Classic Burlesque, Hula Hooping, Clowning, Comedy, Cabaret, Blues

This is one dame who’s good with her hands, be it baking a tray of her famous kitsch cupcakes or juggling a pair of paper fans through the air with the greatest of ease. She’s a knockout with those hips too!

Don’t miss her astonishing signature charleston hula hoop act. Dancer, madcap flapper, gin soaked floozy and comedienne from a bygone era, you’ll go positively do-lally for Clara Cupcakes.

More on Clara Cupcakes


Bella de Jac

Bella de Jac, Australia’s Mistress of Tease, has worked extensively across the UK, Australia and America for the last 5 years. Bumping and grinding her way from the bright lights of 42nd St New York City, to the Australian festival circuit, underground speakeasy’s in the heart of London, and her recent invitation to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas.

Bella is also the reigning Miss Burlesque Queensland and was recently voted Most Graceful by her peers at the annual Australian Burlesque Industry awards. Along with an impressive list of titles and performance credits, she also has a bachelor degree in Performance Studies.

Bella is also one of the Burlesque Teachers here at Bottoms Up! More on Bella de Jac


Cam Attree Sina king Portrait 2015SINA KING

Sina King is regarded as “Australian Burlesque Royalty” and is consistently requested for any job that needs the best! Sina is also Melbourne’s favourite snake charmer (yes, a real python). In 2011 Sina won MISS BURLESQUE AUSTRALIA and in June 2015, King represented the Southern Hemisphere in Las Vegas at the world’s most revered burlesque event the BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME where she competed for ‘Reigning Queen of Burlesque’ after touring the stages of Europe, America, Australia, and New Zealand as feature performer and event headliner. Talk about credentials!

Sina’s shows are glamorous, captivating, and clever; filled with comical wit and grace, King wins the hearts of every audience. Any theme or event can be accommodated; Gatsby, Glamour, Hollywood, Jungle, Grindhouse, Halloween, Prohibition, Disco, Christmas, Boudoir, Underwater, Casino, and anything goes; Sina has the perfect act for your event. After the burlesque or snake charming show, Sina can be available for photos with your guests upon special request.


Loli Box

Classic and Neo burlesque, Chair and Fan Dance.

Loli Box has a lifelong love of the stage! Her performance career began as a dancer trained in many different forms, but after discovering Bottoms Up! she soon became possessed with a passion for Burlesque. Having attended Bottoms Up since 2009, Loli has now settled into her new position as a principal teacher and performer.
Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know which one you’re going to get? Not in Loli’s Box of sweets! You always know you will be getting a sensual, seductive unique and deliciously tasty treat! With melt in your mouth moves, Loli Box will have you hungry for more when she begins to remove her wrappers. More on Loli Box


Zya Luna Ms Zhing by 3FatesMediaMs Zhing/Zya Luna

MC, Neo Burlesque, Comical, Performance Art, Roving Character of Mayhem.

Ms Zhing’s absurd antics will have you rolling! Her performance – wether it be one of her high energy comical neo burlesque acts, hilarious master of ceremonies or a quirky act to tickle your fancies – will have the audiences eating noodles sexily out of her hands in no time – literally! (NB: She is happy to adapt sexy eating to your catering needs).
As a performer, director, producer and teacher, Zya has been working in theatres, at festivals, pubs, clubs and various dark alley ways over the past 20 years and holds an Advanced Diploma in Theatre.
Zya has worked, performed and trained in Australia and internationally in many different acting and movement disciplines and has a passion for Bouffon and Clown.
As well as performing, Zya can also be found running workshops and classes at Bottoms Up.


Elle Diablo

Pole, Fire eating, Human Block head, bed of nails.

Elle Diablo is an experienced performer extraordinaire!

She has performed pole both here and overseas and regularly displays her blockhead and fire acts around Melbourne. She has been pole dancing for 8 years and has some traditional circus training also, specialising in tissu and aerial hoop.

Elle is very versatile and enjoys tailoring individual shows to suit the client’s needs.

More info on Elle Diablo


Bec Wemm Contemporary Dance Web Res

 Shirley Strumpet!

Classic Tease, Neo Burlesque, Chair Dancing, Comical, Gore/Horror.

Shirley Strumpet is a mesmerising, magnetic presence on stage, a performer who infuses her body with wild energies, and an artistry of the most sensual kind, in each and every show.

Consistently testing the edges of stage performance, Shirley Strumpet seeks out the emotional heart of her characters and lays them bare for the audience, demanding they bear witness to the pure physicality of the unfolding story. She draws on her abiding love of horror movies, pulp noir, and 80s pop cool to create worlds where werewolves and detectives snarl and strut side by side and where nightmares are brought to an unsettling reality. More on Shirley Strumpet


Ginger Snapz

Neo, Chair and Classical Burlesque. Shibari (Japanese rope bondage).

This busty red-head has developed a passion for all things burlesque, stemming from her eclectic crushes on Bette Midler, Marilyn Manson, Gene Kelly and Dr. Frank ‘n Furter, and growing into a full-blown obsession after years spent at Bottoms Up! Burlesque and Pole School.

Whether it be warming the cockles of your…er, heart with a classic routine, or shocking and shaking the conventional in a neo-burlesque package that will have you dropping your jaws and drooling with antici…pation, Ginger Snapz has something to please and tease everyone. For an extra little bit of spice, she can also show you the ropes with her shibari skills as she spins a web of seduction.


Sarah D

Sarah D. is a dancer, actor, teacher and choreographer who holds an Honours degree in Performance Studies from Victoria University. For the past fourteen years she has been teaching and performing in Australia and has presented her work in Vancouver, San Francisco and New York.

Sarah has trained in traditional dance styles in West Africa and Havana, Cuba and most recently in New York city in Dunham technique, Afro Beat, twerking and the latest Dancehall styles. All these styles, her love for comedy and her acting experience come through in Sarah’s high energy, fun and engaging dance performances.




Classical and Neo Burlesque, Fan, Chair, Performance art, Acrobatics.

Taffy has a history of ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics and calisthenics, and now her dance has taken a new direction into the titillating world of tease. Continued training in burlesque, performance art, chair and fan dancing, Taffy is well prepared to make her presence known in the burlesque scene. With a keen interest in performance art, Taffy has confronted with “Au Naturale”- a piece exploring body dysmorphia, captivated with “Ishtar”- an homage to Ishtar’s dance of the seven veils and celebrates the beauty of the female form in many styles of burlesque.



Tiki Amazon

Fan Dance, Comical Neo-Burlesque and Classic Burlesque Tease.

Introducing Tiki Amazon! This firecracker is versed in the seductive art of classic burlesque, Neo Burlesque and fan dance. Tiki is no stranger to performing – having been seen whizzing merrily around a pole in various pole-dance showcases around Melbourne and more recently strutting her stuff on the burlesque stage. By turns sultry, comedic, lewd and elegant — her statuesque presence will hold your attention. Tiki ‘s alter ego is a PhD qualified research scientist planning to take over the world (or at least attempt to understand it on a molecular level). However when the sun goes down and the lab coat is hung up – Tiki comes out to play with her cheeky (sometimes freaky) brand of Amazonian tease!


Midnite Velvet

Dark Classic, Neo, Vintage Noir, Grindhouse

Midnite Velvet, the ruby haired temptress is dark and alluring as she glides across the stage. She will transport you back to the days of old world carnivals, vintage parlours and noir theatres. Her smouldering classic beauty encompasses the mystique of the brazen and the bizarre and will uncover your darkest of secrets.

Starting out in theatre, Midnite’s stage characters include a lonely carny with questionable sanity dancing from behind dark feathery fans, a temptress who it would be ill advised to cross lest she cast her Black Magic upon you, and a grindy piece that draws inspiration from the late 60’s/70’s exploitation films.


Freckles Blue

Classic Tease, Fetish, Neo Burlesque, Chair Dancing, Comical.

For Freckles, Burlesque is about being Flirty, Facetious and a little bit Fanciful!
Drawn to the art of tease, the tongue-in-cheek humour and the classic glamour that Burlesque encompasses, Freckles Blue joined Bottoms Up! Burlesque in 2009. She has performed at numerous events across Melbourne, Paris and London and in 2011 was 2nd Runner Up Miss Burlesque VIC as well as 2nd in the Baby Bombshells as part of the Bottoms Up! Bombshells Troupe.
For Freckles Blue, Burlesque is a way of life; a passion, an addiction, a realm in which femininity and fantasy can be explored. With a repertoire of characters that range from sultry to silly, Freckles Blue has immersed herself in the true nature of this artform; exploring the comical, sensual and collective power that is Burlesque.


Little Skink

Neo-burlesque, Comical, Chair Dancing, Avant-Garde, Fetish, Drag King Boylesque

Honoured as Australia’s best emerging talent in the Australian Burlesque Festival’s Baby Bombshell competition of 2012, Little Skink’s fierce blend of mischievous and twisted eroticism has established her as one of Melbourne’s quirkiest neo-burlesque artists. Little Skink draws from her extensive theatre and dance background to create unique and innovative acts and has built a reputation for the vibrant theatricality and captivating stage presence of her shows. Little Skink’s imagination lets her run wild, dragging the audience with her into strange and intoxicating fantasies of rampaging monsters, fairy tale fetishes, and insect love affairs. Whether sweet and saucy, or bold and edgy, each of Little Skink’s acts thrill audiences with their seductive escapism, playful sensuality, and cheeky humour.


Daniel Jay Mounsey

Dark Burlesque, Dark comical dance, shamanic slap stick

Its a man! Traveling deeper and darker than your standard ‘Boylesque’ body DJ Mounsey brings something hilariously disturbing to the stage. Artfully costumed, a self confessed psycho-sexual playful pervert, finding pleasure in the trip and guaranteed to shake you up.
With over twenty years experience in theatre, corporeal mime, dance, modelling and Butoh, DJ Mounsey will fondle your dreams, fuel your desire, and niggle at naughty nightmares. Having worked both nationally and internationally, his physical theatre acts are suited for short stage works or roaming characters, and with a variety of costumes they can be tailored to your event.


Rose Bourgeois

Theatrical, Classical, Comical Burlesque.

With over 30 years of dance & stage performance experience, Rose Bourgeois currently has four burlesque acts ready to perform for Parties, Live Shows & Corporate Events. Her style is cute, cheeky, fun and classical.

Each act has a different theatrical theme to suit a variety of audiences. You can even learn some basic steps with Rose using boas and gloves to add a different dimension to your booking. As the name suggests, Rose is a lady. Sophisticated but humble. Demure but a little bit naughty!


Bottoms Up Melbourne Burlesque Performer Holly Delight Me

Holly Delight-Me

Burlesque Belle – Cabaret Chanteuse

She’s delightful, she’s delicious, she’s de-lovely – she’s Holly Delight-Me! Holly is one of Melbourne’s emerging Burlesque Babes and Cabaret Chanteuses. However, she is no stranger to the stage, having been captivating audiences with her classic cabaret and velvety vocals for years! Her penchant for performance has led her to the beautiful and bountiful world of burlesque, where her saucy sophistication and quirky comic ability combine to create amazing acts leaving her audience beaming and begging for more… With her poised elegance and playful antics, this sexy songstress is sure to knock your socks off!




Audience participation games with give-away prizes, burlesque waitresses, roving performers and hosts to greet your guests on arrival.

Client feedback

“Can’t thank you and the girls enough for putting on such an amazing performance which not only delighted all our guests but also particularly inspired most of the women there, especially my daughters. Everyone was blown away. The birthday boys LOVED it! Thanks for making our night extra special.”
From Susan, private function booking – 50th Birthday party event, July 2013

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Bottoms Up! offers talented and experienced performers of all levels, from recent graduates to top tier, award winning industry professionals.  Depending on the scale of your event and budget, we can provide something to suit your needs. Performer hire starts from just $200.

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